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Friendly, active and, well if I might say so myself, funny guy, born and raised in Sweden, lived there for 37 years but since a couple of years I live in Brasil. Married and have a son, starting up a company and now, the latest challenge, to get in the shape of a lifetime just in time for the 2015 carneval.

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And now for something completely different, some words about the next post:

Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Lao Tzu

Lets make things practical shall we?

People in IT like abbreviations and use them all the time. There are always new technology, methodologies and concepts. There are “turn-key” solutions and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software and we have clouds, virtual stuff and a lot of shiny things with bright buttons on it. There is a whole lot you can do with IT and software and we in IT like to present exactly everything you CAN do, all the information you can read, all the cool things you can do with you applications and how few Nano-seconds the new servers needs to do really complex things that was not even possible a few years ago. To sum things up, we in IT like to think of the IT area as a huge smorgasbord (huge picnic with finger food and more).

Ok, so let us for a second consider a restaurant. The guest arrives, little he knows what he is supposed to know about his food cravings. The waiter arrives at his table and presents him with all the food, the ingredients, all the tools used in the kitchen, the different ways of preparing all food and of course he explains all the cool stuff the chefs can make with all this. If this restaurant is really, really lucky, they just met one of the few customers that will actually like this and have a really fun night together. However, in 99% of the cases the customer will have a mental breakdown and end up ordering a toast.

What am I saying? Well, with this somewhat stereotype example I am trying to pinpoint the problem we always had, IT not succeeding to offer what is really needed and wanted, and on the other hand the business not being able to describe what the really need.

I have decided to blog about this, share my experiences from being a IT Service Management guy, a problem solver for CIOs, picking the good stuff from where I can find it, a lot of course based in the world of shiny frameworks such as ITIL, ISOs, CoBIT, Lean and much more. I pride myself in not being slave to any particular framework or tool but rather using what is needed to help organizations pick what best fits your needs and, more importantly, your specific set of conditions. Clients pay me big money for this, but here you will get it for free. Because I am a good guy that want to help, you, everyone, and I believe I have the skillset needed to make things really practical for you. So pay attention and stay tuned, later this week I will talk about the first thing you have to do, really get to know yourself. You need to perform a well-balanced baseline assessment.

Keep your eyes open!

Hello everyone! If you find yourself here, first of all I of course want to greet you, very welcome, other than that I am a bit surprised since I haven´t really started yet. But since you´re here, nice to meet you. I promise to fill this blog with smart things about using your IT, my experiences and much more, there are quite a few anecdotes of which I thing there are a lot to learn from. Because that´s exactly who I am, I never quit, I never stop learn, I am always curious and open for new smart ways of doing things. Over the last years I also started to get a bit lazy which is even better because now I do not only need things that are smart, they also have to really practical. Ok, so that all I wanted to say instead of having the default “hello world” post we all get when we are embarking on a new blog adventure.

Ok, I´ll let you know, in a short while there will be real stuff here ok!

// Nicke