About Valorize IT

I am not old. But I am not young either. I´ve seen things, done stuff and been around, in the IT business for almost 20 years now and I can safely say I´ve tried most things, well if we disregard the really tech savvy stuff, I was a slightly successful programmer directly after college but soon discovered that the compiler was not really my friend. But you are, and organizations, and people in general that want to make as good use of their IT and information as possible. I call myself the IT managers/CIOs best friend but I really consider myself to be more than that. I want to inspire, educate, enlighten, influence and in any way I can help to make best possible use of IT and information, being your companion on the way to true greatness. There is no lack of formal education in my profile but I pride myself most with being pragmatic, empathetic and resourceful when using my toolbox. This blog is basically that toolbox. And for the love of everything that is holy, never tell me you will do it later, changing for the better begins now, there are really no excuses. I will be with you doing so!


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