Let´s get IT in the fast lane!

Disruptive technology. Social everything. Internet of Things.  The device mesh, smart machines and Information of Everything. There is a lot more, but I think you get it, a lot is happening right now. I would even stretch things and say that we are in the initial phase of something that will be in the history… ahum.. books (?) for our grandchildren to read. One could say, we are now starting to really embrace online, digital and what lays therein. Huge corporations are getting out-competed by small, fast-moving garage companies, the business landscape are changing rapidly and there are several gigantic shifts in power happening. To sum things up, there are a lot of moving pieces.

First, let’s dive back in history just for a while. In 2002, I encountered great difficulties in my work life. I felt that my workday was inefficient, me and my team’s time never was enough, and we felt we were letting people down, no matter how hard we tried not to. Then something remarkably happened. I remember it clearly, the first time I laid my eyes on what could only be described as love at first sight.

Suddenly there “she” was, the perfectly symmetric ITSM, well actually it was the books, version 2 of ITIL, The IT Infrastructure Library. I immediately started to solve my team’s problems, one after the other. Managing incidents and problems, managing changes in a rational way and much more. I soon took my first certificate, ITIL Foundation, and after that, the path was set. Soon I got the v2 service manager certifications, managed a national ITSM competence center, started teach ITIL and a lot more in the Nordic ITSM community. Even from the start it was much more than just work, these simple yet powerful principles was applicable to many aspects of work life and life. ITSM and I was like peas and carrots, from the very beginning.

For 15 years, I have been true to my ITSM love, keeping my certificates up to date, teaching, preaching and in any way possible always being a real companion to ITIL. The love is still there and will never go away. Some time ago, I realized that ITSM is not enough, I firmly believe it’s the best framework for managing IT but we need to make it faster. In order for the business to get the real value intended from IT (information technology, sometimes good to say the actual words not to forget what it’s really about) us people within IT need to make it stable AND responsive. These qualities are most of the time conflicting, to be stable we have to be thorough and to be fast we have to take shortcuts.

I can no longer support the business in gaining the most business value from IT. I used to have the perfect recipe, I always made my clients thrive with efficiency, creating world class IT service providers. This was yesterday. As things in general, I too have to change. I need to include the element of speed, without losing sight of the crucial element of stability.

In the hardboiled war movie Heartbreak Ridge, the Clint Eastwood character, Sgt Highway, said the famous words: “Improvise, adapt and overcome”. This is what I did and just started to do.

A couple of weeks ago I started my journey towards refurbishing my abilities to make organizations get the most out of their IT. I am formally adding the elements of Agile, DevOps and Lean. These are concepts that in a way always were there but in 99% of the cases lost the battle to the stability perspective. At the end of September I will truly master the act of balancing these forces, thus, again, making sure that IT is bring the maximum business value.

The future´s so bright, we gotta wear shades. Very soon I will be fully prepared to make you better, stronger AND faster, not one or the other. You want to stay relevant? Than you would better embrace the challenge, especially if you are an enterprise, the small ones are already doing this. It is really simple actually, adapt or fail.

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