Let IT and the business join forces in the SEWR!

DevOps and Agile Service Management are both trying to solve one of the holes in ITSM, managing development, the actual construction, in a smarter way. They are also trying to solve the challenge of turning IT to a more responsive and faster partner to the business, without going cowboys again. This is not needed; I have a much simpler solution.

I present to you Enterprise Service Management. About a week ago, the clever and experienced Doug Tedder wrote about ESM. I thought about it before, even helped some of the IT operated service desks, I have worked with, implement service request models for services normally outside IT, like security cards, telephony services and even office equipment. Just consider it for a while; we have a service hub within IT, which easily could include other service providers within the corporation. Being efficient means not solving the same thing in many places, it means doing things the smartest possible way. I firmly believe most organizations, even the SME ones, would benefit a lot from centralizing all service in the corporation.

Let us say we do this, we consolidate all the relatively simple services, and we also manage the status quo and the being predictable, secure and stable part. What about the being more responsive and faster part then? How do we become Bi-Modal?

I present to you the Service Evolution War Room, the SEWR… maybe we can discuss another name later but for now, I just want you to become as excited as I am about working this way. The CAB is normally a rather boring place, as it should, to be honest I think it would be best to leave these rather technical things to IT, to the tech people, just make sure to give them autonomy… lets instead move the business representatives together with our BRM (Business Relationship Manager) and let’s get our service managers and service level managers along with team leads and assignment leads from the development teams participate in frequent SEWR (yeah, come to think of it we really need to change name, who want to sit in the SEW(e)R right?). We utilize the marvelous Agile manifesto, for example adapting user stories, the burndown chart from SCRUM and work with all development items, outside the corrections, which are managed in the CAB. Later on we of course need to integrate the SEWR with the CAB to keep our production safe, but the ways of working with the business is very different. The SEWR is where IT and business meets, to discuss, plan and decide on service evolution, how can we better manage the business expectations than actually making the business part of the SEWR?

So, of course, this idea needs some more thinking but can you at least agree with me that this would actually work? Using ESM to manage the services, the bread and butter of the organization, keeping things stable. We then use the SEWR to manage the service evolution, making the business part of the whole planning, and also, more importantly, keeping IT on its toes and the business helping us to greatly improve our radar and planning. This can be done quickly, it is not another framework or process, and it is just a couple of change models and a virtual organization. Please, let me know what you think, can this be done and would it work. Also, got a better name suggestion?

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