Our ITSM New Year’s resolutions for 2016

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this year is ending and we are all looking forward to the magic moment when the old year turns to the new. As many do, I know I do, these last days of this year I reflect, and plan for the next year, some of us will maybe even set some exciting resolutions for next year.

I would like us all to be humble, consider our IT management flaws and how we all can improve ourselves in 2016.

I would like to reflect over some of these flaws and in the true spirit of the marvelous New 2016 coming, make some resolutions to help improve or even remove these.

IT is falling behind, not maintaining the IT service value over time

The world is moving so fast, to secure the IT service business value we have to run and even so, we are not fast enough. The business is calling us slow and we are trying with all means at our disposal to change this. We are even considering throwing out our good old ITSM processes and start with DevOps silos to become super-fast. We need to become faster but not at the cost of the IT service quality.

Resolutions: In 2016, we promise to implement an agile development approach and integrate that with our ITSM transition processes, Change- and Release management. We also promise to produce change models for those changes that needs to be faster, without being emergency changes, just to really calibrate our efforts where they are needed. Furthermore, we promise to keep a closer dialogue with business representatives through use of Business Relationship management, to maintain a level of mutual information about what is planned and keeping each other informed. Last, but not least, we make sure that our processes are measured and continuously tweak them when needed, because we know that this is what will make our ITSM processes truly great.

A fool with a tool is still a fool

We are having trouble selecting and implementing tools to support our processes within the IT function. Either we need several tools to support them all or we manage to select a tool that support everything but then we get stuck in long implementation projects. Things get very technical and we tend to forget that the tool is just a tool and we still need great processes and people with the right skillset to succeed with our task.

Resolutions: In 2016, we promise to always focus on process first and then making sure the tools we use are extending our abilities to better serve our business users. First we walk, then we run.

We still work too much in firefighting mode

We are keeping putting out fires every day, and we are damn good at it too! However, we need to become more proactive, prevent things from happening, to increase the service quality and thus the business value of IT. Firefighting always leads to more firefighting and proactivity leads gives us more time to be more proactive. We need to change our spiral of things to the proactive spiral.

Resolutions: We promise to start working with proactive problem management in 2016, bringing together all the sharp minds from all relevant disciplines within IT to identify and prevent incidents from ever happening. We promise to document workarounds and to strengthen the co-operation between all levels in the support chain, both for Incident- and problem management. After all, we are all in this together and our joint knowledge is what really will make a difference in 2016.

We are too internally focused; we need to become more business oriented

Our technical gadgets are cool, no doubt about it, it is always fun to exploit new technologies, new frameworks, ideas and new ways of doing things. We are curious and so we should, but for too long we have been too internally focused, thus not always doing things to increase the business value of IT. These days we are no longer a function in the company, IT is an integral part of everything and therefore the focus needs to shift be more external than internal. We are great technicians but we need to get some business mindedness in our skillset.

Resolutions: In 2016 we promise to become more business oriented in everything we do, starting with using KPIs for all services, based on the business value they bring, using business cases when relevant and always keeping a very tight collaboration with the business in all projects, from start to finish. We promise to begin with the end in mind when developing, transitioning and operating our IT services. We are here to serve and the client is king.


In a shameless attempt to boost my own blog on this year’s last day I would like to refer to the different blogs, on exactly these topics, to get more detail, as many of you already knew. We were great in 2015 but let us improve even more in 2016. Remember, there is no such things as 100% perfect, we strive to be but will never reach that point. However, we all know that continually improving ourselves is the way to be as close to, perfect as possible.

I wish you all a very successful 2016, make some of these promises you too, let us be humble and, more importantly, let us try to be as great as we can be!


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