Keep your eyes open!

Hello everyone! If you find yourself here, first of all I of course want to greet you, very welcome, other than that I am a bit surprised since I haven´t really started yet. But since you´re here, nice to meet you. I promise to fill this blog with smart things about using your IT, my experiences and much more, there are quite a few anecdotes of which I thing there are a lot to learn from. Because that´s exactly who I am, I never quit, I never stop learn, I am always curious and open for new smart ways of doing things. Over the last years I also started to get a bit lazy which is even better because now I do not only need things that are smart, they also have to really practical. Ok, so that all I wanted to say instead of having the default “hello world” post we all get when we are embarking on a new blog adventure.

Ok, I´ll let you know, in a short while there will be real stuff here ok!

// Nicke

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